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Package: Puerto Vallarta Luxury Experience just $399 for four!

This is a promotional offer for US and Canadian Citizen Couples aged between 30 & 70 at the time of stay. To qualify for the subsidized rate you are invited to a no-obligation holiday presentation.

Please note there is a $29.95 USD per night local resort fee payable at/to the resort. All bookings are subject to availability. Please book ahead for the best selection of available dates.

  • Accommodation is for 5 days / 4 nights.
  • Arrival day - any day (Mon - Sun)
  • Check-in is from 15.00.
  • Check-out is until 10.00
  • Primary travellers must present a major valid credit card on check-in.
  • Debit cards, combination Debit/Credit, non-personalized cards, corporate cards or expired cards cannot be accepted.
  • ALL guests over age 21 must present valid USA or Canada passport and one other US or Canadian government-issued photo ID. Upon arrival at the resort, you will need to present passports along with the stamped immigration papers confirming your arrival date. Residents of Quebec and Quebec born Canadian citizens do not qualify for this promotion.
  • ALL persons in the reservation, including children, infants, and occupants of a second room MUST attend the presentation together at the scheduled time.
  • All participants must be fluent in either English or Spanish.
  • Legally married couples must have the same address on their government-issued ID, and at least one participant must be between the ages of 30 and 70.
  • Either of the participants may present a valid major credit card in their name.
  • Newlyweds who do not have the same address on their ID must bring a copy of the marriage license or certificate in order to be qualified as married.
  • A legally single person qualifying for this promotion must be between the ages of 30 and 70 and must present a valid major credit card in their own name. A credit card in the name of the guest will not be accepted.
  • Friends or family members of employees of the TAFER Group or any of their affiliates do not qualify for this promotion.
  • Qualified participants must be employed full time or fully retired with a minimum annual income of $50,000 USD. In the case of legally married participants, combined income may meet the minimum requirements.
  • Use of this promotion must coincide with your first day of arrival in Mexico. We are unable to offer this promotion for guests who reserve prior stays at non-affiliated resorts.
  • Clients are not eligible if they have previously toured any Garza Blanca or Villa Group vacation club presentation within the last 6 months, or if they have already used this promotion twice previously.
  • Attending the presentation under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be tolerated for the comfort of staff and other guests.
  • Your breakfast and presentation will be scheduled for early morning.
  • It is not permitted to visit or attend another Vacation Club and/or Timeshare property or presentation while using this promotion, otherwise, your booking and special rate negated.
  • Married Couple Prospects must meet the General Qualifications above; have at least one person who is between 30–70 years of age; and (c) both spouses must attend the Presentation.
  • All persons in all reservations must attend the presentation.

    Sorry- This offer is not available to:
  • Individuals who are not between the above-stated ages at the time of travel.
  • Two Couple Prospects travelling together - the second couple will be accepted at a higher promotional rate.
  • French Canadians and residents of Quebec, Canada.
  • Owners or employees of the Villa Group Resorts (or their family members).
  • Individuals who have travelled to a Villa Group Resort within the immediately preceding 6 months and attended a Presentation.
  • Individuals who own real estate (full ownership property interests) in any city in which a Resort is located including Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San
  • Lucas and/or Cancun.
  • The person must be willing to have a soft credit screening and must not have had a bankruptcy or mortgage foreclosure during the last year.
  • Individuals who have been invited twice to participate in the promotional package and become qualified Prospects.
  • Individuals who work in the following industries; hospitality, military, travel agency, time share related and airlines employees.

Terms and Conditions


  1.   This website is operated by Ltd  GMedia Pty Ltd. References to “us”, “we” and/or “our” in these booking terms and conditions shall mean
  2.   These terms and conditions apply to purchases you make with us (via the website and directly with advertisers).
  3. advertise Vacation Deals for selected Resorts and while all care is taken to ensure accuracy of the advertisers we make no warranty as to the advertised product, service or offer other than as described by the advertiser. Please take care in reading their advertisements, descriptions and conditions before making a purchase.

(Electronic) Vacation/Resort Vouchers

  1. issues an electronic vacation voucher (travel or holiday voucher) for each deal paid for as advertised on the site to the email address you provide.
  2.   The voucher entitles the holder, provided they meet the advertised terms, to a vacation at the promoted resort as advertised for a period as set out on the voucher.
  3.   The voucher is a deposit for the advertised stay and entitles the holder to accommodation as per the terms and conditions of the resort, and subject to availability when selecting dates.
  4.   The deposit is equivalent to a pre-payment for accommodation and subject to change and cancellation fees, and it is your responsibility to read those terms before purchasing.
  5.   Your voucher will be valid for the length of the redemption of travel period advertised and if not redeemed before or by that date, shall be considered cancelled.
  6.   However, vouchers may be extended or exchanged in some circumstances subject to our advertised terms and conditions
  7. may also offer a credit equivalent in some cases, which can only be used at the site for part or full payment for other holidays and is not redeemable for cash.
  8. reserve the right to waive fees.
  9.   Vouchers may be passed to other qualified guests by requesting and notifying customer service team of such an exchange through the member area.
  10.   You can manage your purchases and vouchers in your member area.
  11. You can create a free member area within the site without purchasing a holiday.



  1.   Payments are handled by Stripe accepting most major credit cards. We do not handle or store your credit card details on our servers or with third parties.
  2.  Payments will be processed as Media Services and HOLIDAY BOOKING will display in your transaction list to enable easy identification of the charge.
  3. handle some (part or pre) payments for advertisers and reserve the right to issue refunds or cancel booking payments as per terms and conditions stated here, or as required by law.
  4.   In some cases, further payment may be required by the resort (such as upgrades, fees, taxes, extensions, extra guests) in which case those payments are handled by the resort, and you will be subject to their payment terms and banking conditions separately to, usually at the time of confirmed booking.
  5.   Charges are advertised in the currency nominated by the advertiser and may be subject to conversion to your local currency and therefore subject to plus or minus variations from the exact price advertised.
  6.   Your bank may choose to charge fees for transactions. include credit card and payment fees in the total price and do not charge additional fees.
  7.   Taxes are included where indicated in the total rate.


Cancellation, Credit and Refunds

  1.   Please select vacations carefully and read the terms and conditions of purchase. It is your responsibility to ensure you meet the terms and conditions of the advertised resort and for the promotion/vacation.
  2.  Ordinarily, we cannot refund a voucher because you change your mind, or have not met the terms stated during the purchase process unless required to do so by law.
  3.  A voucher is considered a prepayment and is subject to the usual accommodation cancellation fees of 100%.
  4.  Alternatively, in some circumstances and at our discretion:
    1. We may offer a credit for the same value to be used at the site for part or full payment of another stay;
    2. OR, We may choose to refund a portion of a purchase price;
    3. OR, We may choose to refund the entire amount.
    4. Where a refund is processed, an admin fee of £20/$25UD will be deducted from the gross amount paid to cover administration and bank fees involved with processing your transaction.


  1.   We will credit or refund customers where the advertiser is unable to confirm a stay after three (confirmed) genuine attempts to confirm a qualified booking with the advertiser’s resort via our system.
  2.   A credit will be issued in the form of a code equal to the amount paid to be used on the site as full or part payment for another stay. The credit has no redeemable cash value and can only be used at the purchase page of the website.
  3.   Once a booking is made with the property, your voucher is considered 'redeemed' and is generally non-refundable, except for circumstances outlined below, and/or at our discretion.


Our Vacation Satisfaction Guarantee


  • We will CREDIT you the amount you paid for your deposit (the amount paid to EResortDeals) towards another vacation if your vacation becomes unenjoyable due to events or circumstances outside of your control after your have redeemed, confirmed and stayed at the property.
  • The credit can only be used at the EResortDeals website and not with advertising properties directly. It cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • Note- For cancellation credits or refunds, see cancellation and changes fees below.
  1. We WILL credit you if- you had a significantly poor experience at the resort or hotel that was outside of your control, such as noise, unannounced building work, interruptions due to political or social unrest, strikes, unannounced shutdowns of all or part of the property, access issue, facility issues such as air conditioning breakdown, water supply, sewerage or extreme weather events such as hurricanes, tidal storms, snowstorms, heat waves or floods; or any other significant event outside of your control that hindered your fair enjoyment of your vacation.
  2. We CANNOT credit you for issues directly related to service provided at the property such as, but not exhaustively, problems with transport, service, reservations or staff, other guests, room type, bedding, decor, furniture, amenities, etc. These issues should be addressed to the property directly at the time of stay or as soon as possible so that they may be able to correct or compensate as required.
  3. We may make exceptions if it is shown that the property was completely negligent in their duty to provide reasonable service. In this case, please document any and all communications with the property regarding these issues, including emails, texts, conversations (and record names, staff numbers, times and dates) so it may be verified with the resort and subsequently determined by us if it reaches this threshold.
  4. We cannot credit you if these events are within the properties terms and conditions, as advertised.
  5. Similarly. we cannot credit you for experiences that may affect your vacation outside of our control, such as your "state-of-mind" being affected by third parties, such as family, relatives, other guests, people outside of the property, third-party tour operators and/or other parties not directly related to the service provided by EResortDeals or the property itself.
  6. We MAY credit you, however, if we deem the experience was sufficiently negative to have abrogated your vacation experiences, such as theft or crime perpetrated against you or verified members of your travel party.
  7. IN ORDER to claim credit please send any communication, statements or documentation you have had with the property or relevant parties (such as police, government departments, relevant organisations or third parties) in order to substantiate the claim. 
  8. Claims must be submitted within 30-days of the day you check out from the property, in writing via, marked with your booking ID and the subject line "CREDIT REQUEST"
  9. EResortDeals cannot credit amounts paid directly to the property while staying or before you check-in. Credit can only be applied for the amount paid to EResortDeals directly by you.
  10. In the case where EResortDeals have collected additional fee's on behalf of the property (and that has been indicated in writing) the credit applied may be equal or less than the amount paid depending on disbursements already made.
  11. reserve the right to determine the merit of a credit request and the amount to be credited based on the information provided by yourself. The determination is final and cannot be appealed.
  12. The credit request must be provided by the primary guests listed on the booking and relevant payment. No communication with third parties is permitted due to security and privacy reasons.
  13. Credits applied to your account are valid for use for 12-months from the date of issue and you can be used in the form of a Code to apply to another vacation in part or whole.

 Reservation System

  1. do not process the final confirmations of stays. All reservations are handled directly by the advertiser/resort. We provide a booking system as convenience between yourself and the advertiser.


  1.   Cancellation and change fees are likely to be incurred with the advertiser/resort on any confirmed reservations or bookings you have already made with the resort.
  2. cannot determine those fees as the final confirmed booking relationship is between yourself and the advertiser.
  3.   These fees are determined by the advertiser and may be indicated in their conditions advertised or on their websites.
  4.   We provide customer service to assist with any disputes between yourself and the advertiser. You can contact customer service by lodging a ticket in your member area.
  5.   Cancellation of your reservation with the property does not automatically entitle you to a refund for the voucher or deposit amount paid to


  1.   You should never book or pay for a flight until you have a confirmation in writing that your stay is finalised from the advertiser (resort)
  2. and the Advertiser accept no responsibility for costs of flights or subsequent losses where a flight is paid for prior to a confirmation being issued in writing to you.
  3.   Similarly, neither party accepts responsibility for costs of the cancellation of flights should a stay be cancelled by the resort due to other circumstances (such as a change in your qualifications or overbooking by the resort, or natural disaster)
  4.   Please ensure you have adequate travel insurance.
  5.   It is important that you check all of your documentation for your proposed travel to ensure it meets with your requirements and to ensure there have been no misunderstandings before you travel or make a booking with the resort.
  6.   Any additional payments such as inflight meals and excess baggage, taxes, transfers and so forth is solely the responsibility of you, the traveller.



  1.   We recommend that you take out a travel insurance policy at the time you pay for your travel. You should ensure that such insurance will protect you (and your travel party) against booking cancellations, flight cancellations and changes and medical expenses arising from sickness or injury during your travel and protect you against loss or damage to your belongings.
  2.   Via Resort and the Advertiser accept no responsibility for costs and losses arising from the travel and use of these services.




  1. do not accept any liability, whether in contract, tort or otherwise, for any act or omission of those advertisers (resorts) including their failure to provide a service whether through their negligence or otherwise.
  2.   We do not make any representation about the standard of the services to be provided by third parties, and we accept no liability in that regard.
  3.   We do not accept any liability, whether in contract, tort or otherwise, for any injury, losses, expenses, delays or inconvenience suffered by you in connection with your booking or your travel services, caused directly or indirectly by force majeure or any other event which is beyond our control which is not preventable by reasonable diligence on our part or unless our liability is prescribed by legislation which cannot be excluded.
  4.   Where our liability cannot be excluded, our liability is limited to the amount that you have paid for your services.


Modification of terms

  1.   We may modify our terms and conditions without notice at any time where such an amendment does not substantially affect your rights and obligations. If such changes of our terms and conditions substantially affect your rights and obligations we will notify you by email with these changes as they occur.
  2.   Please read the following terms and conditions carefully. You must not make a booking unless you understand and agree with the following terms and conditions of each offer which is located on the advertising page and in the checkout and purchasing process.

Governing law

  1. These terms will be governed by the laws of New South Wales, Australia and the parties irrevocably submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in that state.


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